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Wondering how our Placement Cell can help you? Find answers in our FAQs

  • Is there a one-stop source for students to find all placement-related information?
    We offer internship and placement opportunities through our Telegram channels, with updates accessible via our social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram)
  • Can I apply to two companies simultaneously?
    You can apply to multiple companies for internships, but please review our recruitment policy, accessible in the footer. It states that a student can hold a maximum of two offer letters from their preferred companies.
  • What are the key characteristics of an effective CV, and how can one create it?
    A strong CV is brief and well-organized, highlighting skills and experiences with contact info, summary, education, work history, and tailored content. Use action verbs, quantify achievements, and maintain a professional appearance. You can find the CV format on websites and in the footer.
  • Do you provide any workshops or training sessions?
    Our workshops are designed to boost your job application prospects and improve your overall knowledge and skills. For more information, please visit the "Skill Development" section on our website.
  • What strategies can I use to get ready for assessment rounds and interviews?
    Join our seminars, and as a final-year ARSD student, access our exclusive handbook with detailed insights into the interview processes of visiting companies, aimed at increasing your chances of success. Going through the job description of a company is also essential to prepare effectively.
  • Does having a failed semester impact the recruitment process?
    A failed semester can impact recruitment as it factors into academic qualifications. Many companies have CGPA and backlog requirements that influence their hiring decisions.
  • Comparing Campus Internship Drives and Intern-O-Feira, what are the key differences?
    Internship drives are exclusively for ARSD students, and available year-round. In contrast, Intern-O-Feira is an annual nationwide internship and job fair organized by the cell, offering internships in various domains. Visit the Intern-O-Feira page for more details and statistics.
  • Which documents are necessary for a standard recruitment drive?
    Required documents usually encompass your resume, academic transcripts, certificates, and occasionally references or recommendations. Be sure to check the specific requirements for each job application.
  • What is a Pre-Placement Talk, and is attendance compulsory?
    A Pre-Placement Talk is a session where a company provides information about its organization and job opportunities to prospective candidates. Attending it can be beneficial for better understanding the company and its offerings.

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