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Intern-O-Feira 6.0

The 6th edition of Intern-O-Feira, held on February 26, 2024, by the Placement Cell, combined offline and online modes, attracting 99 companies including HDB Financial Services, Bajaj Allianz, Tech Mahindra, and UpGrad. The fair saw over 2800 students from diverse courses and institutions across India.


Inaugurated by Principal Prof. Gyantosh Kumar Jha and IQAC Coordinator Prof. Vinita Tulli, the event facilitated fruitful interactions between students and recruiters, leading to over 500 students securing internships and job offers. The average stipend offered was 16000 INR per month, with the highest at 30000 INR, reflecting the quality of opportunities. Intern-O-Feira 2024 underscored its role as a bridge between academia and industry, leaving a lasting impact on participants and inspiring future professionals.

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 Student Registrations

 Students registered in sixth edition of Intern-O-Feira


Student Footfall

Students who attended the fair


Companies Partnered

60+ in offline mode, 35+ in virtual mode

Alluminate 3.0

The Placement Cell's annual alumni connect programme, 'Alluminate,' serves as a crucial initiative designed to bridge the gap between current students and accomplished alumni, providing real-time corporate training and valuable career insights. This event offers students the opportunity to network with experienced professionals who have successfully navigated various industries. Through mentorship from seasoned alumni, students gain firsthand knowledge and guidance on career growth, challenges, and achievements. Alluminate aims to motivate and inspire students by sharing success stories, fostering a sense of community and a supportive environment for professional development.

Alluminate consistently attracts over 200 attendees, including students and distinguished alumni from prestigious companies such as Boston Consulting, S&P Global, L.E.K. Capability Network, and HCL Technologies. 

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